If you're planning a two-course breakfast or a four-course lunch, look no further.

You are in the right place with us!

The versatility of the Csibészke Multigrill lies in its functions. It’s a portable grill, cooking and baking equipment. Csibészke will be your reliable companion, whether you’re grilling vegetables or meat, cooking soup, or even just baking a pancake! It comes with a fiber plate, hob and baking sheet – well prepared for each menu line. Thanks to its size, you can organize baking and cooking anywhere, because you can even take it with you for camping!

Technical data

W: 400 mm | L: 400 mm | H: 480mm

Grill: 400x400 mm | Plate: 430x430 mm

Grate: 420x425 mm | Cooking ring: 340 mm

The benefits of CSIBÉSZKE multigrill

SMALLER AND LIGHTER: it knows all just as the bigger ones do but much easier to move.

COMPACT: fits perfectly into even a smaller outdoor kitchen.

ECONOMICAL: provides very good flow with extremely low charcoal consumption, for the best baking results.



Cooking ring

Kettle ring


CSIBÉSZKE on duty!