You have small space or you won’t make huge portions?
We offer you Lil Chef!

The Lil Chef is one of the several smokers of Szendo Smoke BBQ. It is a uniquely isolated smoker with the chamber located on the bottom of the smoker. The Lil Chef is perfect for summer night gatherings, family events or preparing professional menu. The smoker is suitable for cooking in the temperature range of 120-220. The cooking method can be varied with the help of extra appliances and smoking can be carried out with wood or coal. Due to the ergonomic built it does not require high energy consumption and it holds heat very sufficiently. It is a perfect choice for families in the garden or on the patio.

It is made from 3mm thick metal, also covered with 4mm thick isolation layer and on top of that it is the outside cover.

Gastronomy and innovation in one product!

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100% custom design – it’s easy to move due to its size and weight if you wish to use it at different locations.

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Charcoal? Wood? It's up to you!

3 grids, 8 slots

+ GN dish (1/1)

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Benefits of SZENDO Lil Chef

Kisebb, könnyebb

Könnyebben mozgatható mint nagyobb testvérei, az alap pozitív tulajdonságok mellett.


Remekül illeszthető akár kisebb kültéri konyhába is.


Rendkívül alacsony faszén fogyasztás mellett, nagyon jó áramlás, a legjobb sütési eredmény érdekében.

Lil Chef on duty

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